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Rating: 8.00

Get over yourself and lick up the spit!

Mistress Roxana wants to see the glaring disgust in your eyes! She wants to see just how repulsive you find it to lick up her spit. Of course it will take a good deal of effort before you do it, but you pull yourself together and do what your mistress demands so that you don't have to feel her anger! Mistress Roxana spits on the dirty soles of her high heels and makes you lick her slavia mixed in with all the muck on her shoes. Clean everything up and swallow it down! Mistress Roxana pushess you to your limit and beyond makeing you lick up her spit without a break. So, go on, be an obedient slave and do what your mistress wants you to do!


Just spat on - that's what you deserve
Cleaning the Gents
Mia B.
Mia B. got something delicious for you
Anna B. & Mia B.
Double - spittle