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Last update: 2018-07-03
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Rating: 4.00

You're tasting Lady Amy's spit!

Lady Amy always makes spitting sexy - especially with her long strings of saliva. You don't want to look anywhere else but at the hot spit between her fingers. How the spit runs over her lips and onto her hands drives you crazy, especially because you know how awesome Lady Amy finds it to spit like that. Before your eyes she plays with her spit and even lets you taste it. You will lick everything clean, but you can hardly keep up with it, because spit-mistress Amy spits more and more on her hands as you lick!

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Rating: 10.00

You have to swallow it all

Mistress Sara's spit runs over her lips and into a small cup. She's playing a game with you. She spits into three small plastic cups. Every time you see her juicy spit running over her lips into the cup. Sara spits a lot and the cups fill up. What does she do that for? You can imagine that, can't you? She wants you to swallow her spit - you will completely drink every cup! She shows you no consideration. You have to swallow!

The most favourite Spitting-Girls.com Update

Sabrina A.

Rating: 10.00

Lots of spit to lick off!

Hey, loser. Are you ready to serve? Mistress Sabrina takes off her high heels and spits on her soles. You're going to this now! No, no more talking - YOU HAVE TO LICK! You will lick up all of her spit and swallow it. Whenever she spits on her black high heels long white spit threads come out of her mouth onto the soles of her shoes. So much hot spit. That's all for YOU! Come on!

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