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Last update: 2020-05-27
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Gross and disgusting - that makes you horny!

Bratty Jenny-Nina shows you just how disgusting you are. She spits in her hand. Look at that! Her slaiva alone is more valuable than you and just as disgusting! She stirs her finger around in it and pulls long strands of it upwards. Lick the spit off her hands and prove how disgusting and pathetic you really are. A better proof can hardly be found, because this makes you really horny despite your disgust!

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Quench your thirst with her juice!

Mistress Anfisa has been holding you captive for so long that you have become very thirsty. To quench it you will now drink her spit. But she does not spit directly into your slave mouth. No... Her spit first takes a very dirty journey over the sole of her shoe before it reaches your tongue. YOU will lick the delicious spit off her incredibly dirty soles and thus quench your thirst for this precious juice.

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Everything works so much better with spit!

Princess Amber sees your only, meaningful use immediately in your face. As an obedient slave, you will now lick her shoes clean. That's an order! So get down and start licking. Her shoes should be free from dirt when you are finished with them. Up and down with your tongue, swallow the dirt and do a decent job! But you seem to struggle by yourself, don't you? So Princess Amber takes off her shoe and spits on her sole. With her saliva the dirt is guaranteed to come off her shoes much more easily. Lick them completely clean, NOW!

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