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Rating: 10.00

Lick the spittoon empty, slave dog!

As a good dog you will immediately sit down on the floor and wait for what Mistress Anfisa has in store for you. She puts a bowl on the floor and fills it with her spit. This is your drinking water! You will drink it because you are her serving dog and you will do everything your mistress asks you to do. Take out your tongue and lick the entire bowl empty right now. You won't be done until every last drop is gone. Only good slave dogs lick it up. If you can't do that you'll go to the kennel and be forgotten for days!


Lick the divine spit of Mistress Vanny's shoe soles!
Swallow your mistress's spit!
Jana H
Lick the spit off your mistress' shoes!
Anfisa shows you her spit