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Rating: 10.00

Bathe in her lake of spit!

Kneel down! Mistress Zora likes it when you look up to her. This angle is your usual position anyway, right?! To women like Mistress Zora you always look up because you are such a little loser. Take a good look! Mistress Zora shows you what she does with tiny losers like YOU. She spat on you! Not just a little bit. No she spits an entire lake around you. Her spit hits your skull like a blow and leaves you dripping wet. Again and again she lets her nasty spit rain down on you and spits on your tiny and useless body. She dips your head deep into it and lets you bathe in her spit lake!


Spitting during workout
You are my waste-pipe!
Lick Mara's spitting fists clean again!
Cathy gobs