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Smoking mistresses Katja & Ljuba

Rating: 7.00

Spat on, Laughed at and spat into the mouth

What do you think you are for Katja & Ljuba? You're nothing for these dominant Russian chicks. While they enjoy a cigarette they just laugh at you. They spit directly into your mouth and even use it as their ashtray. That's what your slave mouth is there for and when they spit on the floor it's your job to lick it all up. They also press their shoes into the spit puddle and you'll lick their show soles too. You're just spat on, laughed at and they spit into your mouth. And what's the story's end? Of course - you're going to eat the cigarette bum too. They also spit into your mouth again to make sure it goes down smoothly.


This here is your change of diet!
Get over yourself and lick up the spit!
A lot of spit for YOU!
Eat her spit with all the dirt!