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Rating: 9.40

Amber's cigarette-spit-cocktail

Amber just decided to make you her new slave! You will watch her while she smokes and you are also allowed to see her spitting right into a glass! I'm sure you already guess what this glass is for, don't you...!? Amber blows the smoke right into your eyes before she ashes into the spit-filled glass too. This drink will become a cocktail deluxe! After dousing the cigarette in the glass she orders you to put the nasty drink right into your mouth, chew it and swallow everything! How does it taste...!?


Date Comment Rating Username
2016-02-28 if she had put the tiny plastic man head first to drown in her cup I would give a 10. Very Good waffel
Her spit is your drink
Spit and lick slave
Jana H
A champagne glass full of Jana's spit
Anfisa's spittle-drink