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Rating: 7.50

Drink my smoky spittle

You tiny loser will do some nasty tasks for me now... and one of them will make you inhale my cigarette smoke. But that's not all - you will swallow my spit too! But don't think that I will spit right into your mouth... No! This would be too easy and too nice of me. Instead I will allow you to watch me smoking my cigarette and how I spit right into the ashtray. Can you already see the nasty soup which is collected there now...? So much spittle mixed up with ash! But now there is enough soup inside the ashtray - and so I will use your mouth next! And I will mix up some ash with my saliva in it too! Come on and swallow it - how does it taste...? This is just the beginning! At the end you will drink the complete ashtray until it is empty!


Suck that big oozing dick!
Sexy panties - worn and spat on!
Queen Hanna spits at you!
Nicole Z
Lick spit off the floor and her high heels