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Rating: 9.00

Lick the divine spit of Mistress Vanny's shoe soles!

You, little licking slave, are here today to clean the shoe soles of Mistress Vanny! She spits extra saliva for YOU on her dirty soles. After all, they're supposed to get clean! So she has enough saliva for you, she chews bubble gum - the spit flows freely! Come on! Lick everything clean! Her dirty shoe soles must shine again when you're finished with them. Mistress Vanny spits again and again and lets you lick it all up. Lick the divine shoes of your mistress clean with your tongue. You will not waste a drop of her delicious spit. You lick everything up!


Dogs meal with lots of spit!
YOU drink the hot spit of Mistress Anfisa
Quench your thirst with her juice!
Everything works so much better with spit!