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Brat girl Jana H

Rating: 7.43

Open your gob - now you will swallow my spit

Come on - open your mouth for Jana. She will now spit directly into your mouth. Do you like the taste of her spit? You'll swallow everything and your face will be covered completely with her spit and snot, while your mouth has to stay open so that nothing of Jana?s spit gets wasted. Then Jana has another idea. She will take off her dirty shoe and put it in your mouth. You will then lick off all the dirt from her shoe and of course you'll swallow her spit as well! Finally, she rides your face until she comes!


Big tits completely covered in spit!
Lick dirt and spit from Princess Serena's boots
Hanna & Jane
Spit with shoe sole dirt!
Train to drink her spit!