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Testing disgust with spit

How far have you come with the disgust-training Goddess Yasemin has imposed on you? You should expand your limit for disgust. Did you manage to do that? Goddess Yasemin tests you now and gives you a particularly disgusting task! She turns her shoe towards her and spits on the dirty sole. Her salaiva runs through her deep shoe tread. Lick it off! Get your tongue and slide it through every dirty groove of her soles. Lick up all her spit and swallow it down! Well? Do you still find it disgusting?!


Sara Surprisink
Spittle served in a cup
Katja & Ljuba
Spat on, Laughed at and spat into the mouth
Humiliation for you - lick my spit
Vicky Carrera
My hot spittle