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Tall Svenja

Rating: 8.00

Svenja's spit slave

Get on your knees in front of mistress Svenja and start kissing her boots. You're going to be Svenja's spit slave today. She'll humiliate you and make you lick her spit. Look at her boots - as she's going to spit on them - and you ... well, you're going to lick the spit from her boots. For Svenja you're just a worthless loser who's supposed to lick her spit. So get to work - Svenja already collected a lot of spit for you. To make it even better for you she tells you to imagine it's male cum - not spit. Mhhh ... that's tasty, isn't it?


Boot cleaning
Spit runs down above my lips
Your three-course spit meal!
Gross and disgusting - that makes you horny!