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Dominant Diana

Rating: 7.00

Spit slave - lick it!

As mistress Diana's spit slave it'll be your task to lick her spit. She spits on her fist first - and you'll lick every drop of spit from it - you don't want her to punch you in the face, do you? You're just her slave so you better get to work! She didn't aim right all the time and hit the floor a few times - and of course you're going to lick her spit from it too! She spits on the floor a few more times and rubs her high heels in the spit puddle. Of course now, as the soles of her high heels are covered with spit too, you're going to lick the soles too!


Gummy bears with my saliva
You look like a bunch of spit!
Lick the spit
Mia B.
Lick my spit before your medication