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Rating: 10.00

Spit for YOU, slave dog!

It's time for your slave mutt training! Queen Hanna puts the collar on you and holds you by the leash. What can you do? Roll over? Wag your tail? Lick up spit? That's exactly what Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane want to see from you. They spit on the floor and on their high heels. No matter what else is mixed with their spit, you will lick everything clean again. Show what you can do! What the two mistresses demand of you, slave dog, you must be able to do!


Scarlet has spit for you, lick slave
Sue S.
C'mon licking slave, clean up my heels!
Lick the spit from her fist
Tina D
Tina D. spits at her dirty boots