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Blonde mistress Scarlet

Rating: 8.25

Scarlet has spit for you, lick slave

Well, how'd you like some spit, you dirty pig? You'll really like this spit - and you'll lick up all of it. Mistress Scarlet got a lot of spit for you and makes a real spit puddle on the floor in front of her. And you'll lick up all of that, just like a lick slave's supposed to! Of course Scarlet can't resist to put her boots in the spit puddle as well. As a special honor you'll be allowed to lick the spit right from her boot soles as well. Come on lick slave - LICK THE SPIT!


BBW Lady is spitting in your mouth
Just spat on - that's what you deserve
Cleaning the Gents
Mia B.
Mia B. got something delicious for you