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Rating: 9.00

Mandarin with a lot of spit!

Do you like mandarins? Mistress Sabrina loves them and is willing to share! She chews a mandarin in front of you then spits it onto the floor. She lets her saliva run over her lips and onto the ground. So do you still like mandarins? It doesn't matter, Mistress Sabrina doesn't really care. Lick it up NOW! But wait one second, Mistress wants to add some more spit before you get to work with your tongue. Once that's cleaned up you have another task - lick her high heels clean too!


Tina D
Tina D. spits at her dirty boots
Jana H
Lick the spit away!
Aileen Taylor
Aileen Taylor orders you to lick her luxurious spit away!
Nicole Z
Lick spit off the floor and her high heels