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Rating: 9.25

Lick the spittoon clean!

You miserable dog, you've been wandering around again?! But that's over now, because your Mistress Zora wants to talk to you! Take your place on your knees in front of her and see what she has brought you. She holds a dog bowl in her hand and spits into it. Is that what you like?! YOU will lick it out! No matter whether you like it or not! Her spit is the only thing you get to drink, so enjoy the spit and lick everything completely clean again. Don't worry, Mistress Zora will take care of you, little wanderer!


Cleaning the Gents
Mia B.
Mia B. got something delicious for you
Anna B. & Mia B.
Double - spittle
Gummy bears with my saliva