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Rating: 10.00

Foretaste of your fate

How can someone like you be so damn obtrusive?! A loser from head to toe, who hasn't any proven success in life that could matter to the real women in this world. But still you're standing here, refusing to go even when I'm demanding you should disappear... you're still waiting here for something, like a foolish, stupid little dog! You're annoying me like hell. Do you wanna see what I'll do to you?! Watch this miniature of you that I tape to the stool. You're the unsexiest creature I've ever seen and you deserve me to spit on you! You literally drown in my spittle, you loser! Disgusted by you, I spit on your ugly face and make you suffer pitifully!


Jenny M
You will lick it all
Spitting Girl Jessica
My hot spit jeans