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Rating: 10.00

Ashes and spit - the dog bowl education!

Mistress Anfisa wants to enjoy her cigarette break in peace and doesn't want to see you. But if you must stare at her, then at least behave so inconspicuously that she does not notice you, because otherwise she will punish you! But can you manage to do that No, of course not! She smokes her cigarette and tells you how much she will destroy and punish you. She spits into a small bowl and tells you how your life will look from now on under her control. Again and again she spits into the bowl. The purpose is still unclear to you at first but you slowly start to realise!


Lick up dirt and spit!
Spit dessert - Lick that off!
Air Max soles with spit
Mistress Anfisa will not let you die of thirst