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Rating: 10.00

Are you ready for this disgusting task?

You have to prove yourself to Misrtess Zora today. She wants to find out how far you are willing to go for her and has a disgusting task in mind for you. After all, you once said you'd do anything for her, isn't that so?! Look at the dirty soles of her sneakers. Now you will lick them with pleasure. But not only the dirt, no! You will also lick up her spit! Mistress Zora holds her shoe below her mouth and lets her spit drip very slowly on the dirty shoe sole. It runs over the sole and absorbs the dirt. Hurry up because before it drips onto the floor you must lick it all off!


Anna B.
Wanking with my spittle
Anna B.
Mistress Anna is teasing you with her spit!
Sabrina T
Spitting Girl Sabrina
Lady Manon's spit-covered fist