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Filthy Aileen Taylor

Rating: 7.56

Aileen Taylor orders you to lick her luxurious spit away!

Hey, you naught licking slave!? You want some more spit, won't you...!? Then just look at my mouth! There the spit runs down my chin...! My luxurious spit just for you! That is something very special! Look at my spit very carefully - because you will have to lick everything clean again later on! But first you have to find out what I'm going to do else with the spit...! And then... Don't waste any more of my time - LICK!!! Lick everything clean, dirty pig!!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-05-21 love Aileen's sexy eyes and beautiful body. Very Good
Elaina & Janine
Swallow the saliva of 2 Girls
Jamie-Kate collects her spit for you
Lick the soles of your spit lady
Lick the spittoon clean!