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Last update: 2018-01-31
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Gummy bears with my saliva

You will get something special and soo delicious from me today: Some colorful gummy bears are your slave meal now. But of course you won't receive them the way they are right now... No! An extra portion of spit will round up the whole menu! Again and again I will spit onto your gummy bear gang until they swim right inside my saliva! And do you already know what you are going to do next...? Yes, of course: You will swallow all of the gummy-bear-spittle-soup! Bon Appetit!

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Lick my Spit

As a little loser like you are it is your exercise to worship my shoes! My thick sole already drives you crazy but it will get more lustful for you! I spit on my sole and let you lick it up. Everything should get clean! You little lickingslave should lick up all my spit from the soles until it drops on the ground. Again and again I spit on it. Ultimately you should have enough to do!

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Sabrina A.

Rating: 10.00

Spittle with delicious admixture

Are you already keen on my very special present for you? I spit on my dirty shoe sole and you will lick that spittle from there. Take the chance to additionally clean my soles a little bit! While I chew my gum like a brat in front of you, I provide you with fresh replenishment of my divine spittle. Finally I give you my chewing gum, which you'll sratch down my sole with your tongue, loser!

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