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Last update: 2014-10-29
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Dark haired spitting lady Stellina

Rating: 0.00

Lick the spit off Stellina's shoe soles!

Stellina sits outside at a stair and already awaits you! She spits right in front of her at the stony ground and puts her shoe at the same place to bray the spit... of course just to humiliate you - because you are going to lick all of her spit away very soon! Better try hard... Stellina has even more spit for you! And if you do a good performance she will give you her bubble gum too...!

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Spitting mistress Jana H

Rating: 10.00

Jana H. - Be my sucking whore, bitch!

Today you have to be Jana's bitch and suck her heels! And you told her that you are very thirsty...!? So she spits right at her heels to give you some nasty liquids to drink! Just look how the spit runs down to the ground... That's all for you!

The most favourite Spitting-Girls.com Update

Jana H

Rating: 10.00

Lick the spit off your mistress' shoes!

Hey you little wanker!? Do you want to lick my dirty shoes today!? I want you to clean them with your tongue - and with lot of my spit to help you doing the job! Come on! Lick them now, you filthy swine! How does it taste...? But I want to humiliate you even more today... so you will continue your duty - and suck my heels too! Of course also covered with lot of my spit! That's your dessert, asshole!

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