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Last update: 2014-09-04
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Jana H

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Lick the spit off your mistress' shoes!

Hey you little wanker!? Do you want to lick my dirty shoes today!? I want you to clean them with your tongue - and with lot of my spit to help you doing the job! Come on! Lick them now, you filthy swine! How does it taste...? But I want to humiliate you even more today... so you will continue your duty - and suck my heels too! Of course also covered with lot of my spit! That's your dessert, asshole!

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Rating: 10.00

Jenny-Ninas shoes need some cleaning!

Hey, loser!? You can lick my dirty shoes clean now! And don't forget to lick all my spit away! How does it taste...? Come on! You shall clean them as good as possible! They are still very dirty...! Go on!!

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Big breasted girlfriends Elaina & Janine

Rating: 10.00

Swallow the saliva of 2 Girls

The two girls Elaina and Janine want to humiliate you. You were thirsty, were you not? They now prepare her spittle for you beautifully in a champagne glass. Again and again the sexy girls are spitting into the glass. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less saliva. If the two think the glass is full enough they will take it to your mouth and you'll have to swallow everything for these girls!

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