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Last update: 2016-06-13
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Rating: 3.00

Shoe sole with a lot of spit

Come closer and take a look at these dirty shoes! How awful! Thanks god, you will clean them up with your tongue, right? But before you start, I'll mix them up with a special mixture of my spittle. You will now collect the spittle that runs down my shoe soles, and then you will clear everything completely!

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Blonde mistress Xenia

Rating: 10.00

Xenia's Spittoon

You little loser! Xenia spits on the floor and you'll lick it. Xenia rubs her spit all over the floor with her shoes and you'll lick them too. Xenia spits right into your mouth and you'll swallow it! One of the beste spit videos you've ever seen. So watch it and become Xenias spittoon!

The most favourite Spitting-Girls.com Update

Demanding Jenna

Rating: 10.00

Lick the spit from her soles

Mistress Jenna spits on the floor again and again until there's a real puddle of spit. Then she steps into the spit puddle with her sexy black high heels - just to stick them into your face seconds later. She wants you to lick them clean - and you'll feel honored to be allowed to lick her sweet spit from the dirty shoe soles!

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