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Last update: 2017-01-10
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My spit cocktail tastes soo good!

Today I will prepare a very special cocktail just for you...! I will put a very rare ingredient into it, just for my tiny, pathetic servant... that's what you love, isn't it!? I can see you already drooling! No wonder when you are allowed to watch me, letting the saliva flow right out of my mouth into the glass! After taking a good and close look into the glass, you will open your mouth wide... so I can empty it right into your thirsty mouth!

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Anna B.

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Greasy spitting juice in Anna's hands

Listen to what I've thought of for you lately! I'll let my spittle juice run over my lips and down on my hands. Wet and greasy I'll rub my hands and let you suck my fingers. You will lick my tasty spittle juice to the last drop!

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Blonde mistress Xenia

Rating: 10.00

Xenia's Spittoon

You little loser! Xenia spits on the floor and you'll lick it. Xenia rubs her spit all over the floor with her shoes and you'll lick them too. Xenia spits right into your mouth and you'll swallow it! One of the beste spit videos you've ever seen. So watch it and become Xenias spittoon!

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