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Last update: 2015-11-21
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Rating: 4.00

Lick July's shoe soles

Today you have just one very important task to do! Are you already excited to find out what this task is...? I'm sure you are... So July takes off her boot and spits at their soles - and you will lick them until they sparkle again!

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Jana H

Rating: 10.00

A champagne glass full of Jana's spit

Hey little bum, do you see what Jana H. holds back for you...!? Yes, exactly: an empty champagne glass! And you can imagine that Jana is going to fill it with her divine spit, can't you...? She has collected so much saliva and spits everything right into the glass. Again and again! At the end you have to open your mouth because Jana wants to empty the glass right into it - until every single drip landed on your tongue...!

The most favourite Spitting-Girls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Spitting cocktail just for you!

Denise sits at the couch and holds a sparkling glass in her hand. She heard that you are thirsty and so she wants to help you out... She spits into the glass, again and again until there is a big paddle of spit in there! And now you are allowed to drink everything... Yumm! That's sooo tasty, isn't it...!? *g*

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